Evaluating your marketing strategy and wondering if you should hire a senior housing marketing agency? Here are six indicators that this is a smart choice for your community.

Character #1

You have not created an official buyer persona

Buyer personas that are based on hunches may exist in many societies. However, intuition alone has its limits. Moreover, intuition is often wrong. Remember, you can't generate more leads if you don't even know what the "perfect" lead looks like for your community.

How an agency can help: Creating personas takes time and effort. But a reputable marketing company with experience living for seniors can quickly create these traits.

Character #2

Your website does not attract a wide variety of people

This may be due to their lack of formal persona, as mentioned earlier, or because senior housing websites are not designed to appeal to different demographics. Each persona must track their own paths and adventures using personalized information created just for them.

Remember, customer journeys are not linear. We all want our website visitors to go to the right page and follow the steps in the order we give them, but our customers also want other pages and can go back and forth. It often happens. The goal is to help prospects take the next step that makes sense for them (even if it wasn't the step you had in mind).

How an agency can help: Creating her website with intuitive navigation that targets key personalities is key. Working with a company with a strong website design team ensures that it works for all devices, desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Character #3

You need a reliable lead scoring and segmentation system

Without lead scoring and segmentation mechanisms in place, it's like throwing a party at your house and no one there to pick up your guests and show them where to go next. Perhaps one visitor wants to go to the bathroom, while another is hungry and wants to know where the buffet is. Think of your website as a party venue and every website visitor as a party guest with special requirements. Moreover, not everyone has the same needs. While some are just beginning their senior lives, others may need to make decisions for their parents right now.

How an agency can help:

This is the strength of a professional agency. They don't just make things beautiful. But professional lead generation companies know that scoring and segmenting their leads correctly is the only way to properly "handle" them when they come in. MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) will continue to be nurtured according to individual needs. Meanwhile, the sales team wants sales qualified leads (SQL) to follow up.

Character #4:

They lack marketing automation.

Or maybe you have it but never used it, or you haven't made the most of it. Our industry is reluctant to continue the process of marketing automation. Most of the community clearly understand what it is and what it means. The only challenge, however, is that not all forms of marketing automation are created equal. Additionally, marketing automation cannot be configured automatically and requires human leadership.

How an agency can help:

Leading senior living marketing agencies understand marketing automation, including which products and product tiers are right for your community, and how to set them up to maximize your marketing budget.

Character #5

You need a customized lead nurturing campaign

Marketing automation sends the right materials to the right people at the right time. But who is responsible for creating good content? Good content doesn't just come naturally. A key step is to recognize your buyer persona. Then you need to create content that fits their needs.

How an agency can help: Top writers who can create content that engages readers and conversions are usually from large agencies. However, it is not a lie. Investment in content creation. If you don't have your own writer, outsourcing this task to a company makes sense.

Wrapping up

If you're also considering hiring a senior housing marketing agency. If so, there are several agencies that can help you develop a strategy to improve your prospecting efforts.